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To my mom in her glory

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Cats are hard! Connecticut-14-Edit.jpgConnecticut-14-Edit.jpg

Not easy to photograph

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Visiting Mitchell College Connecticut-8-Edit.jpgConnecticut-8-Edit.jpg

Peaceful by the water

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Grateful tonight for good friends!

China 106

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Storm Riley

Low Tide

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Winter Hiking

Loving the Sunshine and Outdoors

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French Toast with Vanilla Cream and Raspberry Sauce

Tasted like dessert!!

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Calm before the Storm local (5 of 23)-2.jpglocal (5 of 23)-2.jpg

Nor’ Easter heading this way this weekend

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Finally a Date! bonroyage-598.jpgbonroyage-598.jpg

Can’t wait to dance at Holly’s wedding this winter!

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The water is winking at us!

Beautiful morning!

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Jigger’s Diner

East Greenwich, RI

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Miss Flo’s Diner untitled-106-Edit.jpguntitled-106-Edit.jpg

Spends the Whole Vacation Week with the Flu

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Diner Days

Jigger Hill Diner

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Beechwood Tractor southshore-5-Edit-Edit.jpgsouthshore-5-Edit-Edit.jpg

Drive by this nearly every day!

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Spring is Coming hudson_ma-11-Edit.jpghudson_ma-11-Edit.jpg

Beautiful Warm Day for February

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A little piece of history untitled-150.jpguntitled-150.jpg

Look Park, Northhamption

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From one of our Diner Visits

Red Arrow Diner

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Waiting for Breakfast

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Superstar ad200 practice-38-Edit.jpgad200 practice-38-Edit.jpg

This girl is officially licensed, congratulations!!

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Aw, that view! southshore-25.jpgsouthshore-25.jpg

Sun and Surf

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