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Walking through Boston Common

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Boston in Autumn! bos_ton-184-Edit.jpgbos_ton-184-Edit.jpg

The beauty in spite of the cold!!

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Mount Auburn Cemetery bos_ton-25-Edit.jpgbos_ton-25-Edit.jpg

Even cemeteries and rain can be beautiful!

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Surprised and Grateful today! bonroyage-350-Edit.jpgbonroyage-350-Edit.jpg

For the Thanksgiving Day card.

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Missing Summer nights sundaynite-148-Edit.jpgsundaynite-148-Edit.jpg

The cold weather has taken over!

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Laundry Day!

So glad they enjoy it!

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Oh, that sky! ad200 practice-168.jpgad200 practice-168.jpg

Explosion of Color

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Sunset at Newport NewportBBQ-19-Edit.jpgNewportBBQ-19-Edit.jpg

Rhode Island

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Season Wraps with a Smile XC_states2017-81-Edit.jpgXC_states2017-81-Edit.jpg


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Selfie Sunday selfie2017-39-Edit-Edit.jpgselfie2017-39-Edit-Edit.jpg

90% lighting and 10% editing;-)

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Happy Veteran’s Day

At least he enjoyed sightseeing all over Europe!

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Forever Grateful

Fourteen years from Diagnosis :-)

]]> (Laura and Lydia Vigneau) anniversary lydia Fri, 10 Nov 2017 07:26:00 GMT
One more event.... XC_states2017-89.jpgXC_states2017-89.jpg

State Championships this weekend!

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The Sun Setting in Hull!

It never gets old, although it has gotten very cold!

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Thinking of Mom & Dad bonroyage-199.jpgbonroyage-199.jpg

After Mom has a quick trip to urgent care this week.

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Ha ha ha.... AprilMay2014-68.jpgAprilMay2014-68.jpg

a photo from when I “thought” I was so good. So much more to learn!

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Missing our day trips!! hudson_ma-115.jpghudson_ma-115.jpg

We need more weekend time off together!

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Grateful to share a coke...


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And They’re OFF! SSL_CC_Leagues-14.jpgSSL_CC_Leagues-14.jpg

SS Leagues

]]> (Laura and Lydia Vigneau) championships country cross running Fri, 03 Nov 2017 06:36:37 GMT
Full Moon is Coming!! sundaynite-189-Edit.jpgsundaynite-189-Edit.jpg

Love watching the full moon rise!!

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